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WasteCatcher Systems are designed and engineered to be easily fitted to any sized stormwater outfalls and inlets to capture and contain gross pollutants before they are swept out to Sea.

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“We have recorded incredible results since installing WasteCatcher nets two months ago”.

Harper Lee – Pollution Prevention Team Leader

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SeaGuardian will custom size the net cell apertures to catch debris and litter (including organic materials like leaves and sticks) to suit your existing stormwater network - Our systems catch pollutant’s from as small as 10mm, are reusable and can be fitted to any outlet for an immediate effective solution.

WasteCatcher attached to a pipe collecting rubbish

Features + Benefits

Quick Release Magnet System

Our patented quick release magnet system allows the net to detach under calculated water volumes to prevent pipe blockage upon heavy downpours or in the instance the net is full requires an empty. Upon detaching, the magnet system seals the contents as a bag, allowing for minimal waste escape and is left 2 metres from the outfall, yet fastened back to the outlet. This allows for a quick “empty, and re-attach” system which can be done in less than 5 minutes, and with minimal tools.

Capture pollutants as small as 10mm

The WasteCatcher system captures pollutants as small as 10mm, meaning cigarette butts are often caught before entering the ocean along with bottle caps, lids and other small harmful pollutants. We can offer smaller or larger flowing systems on request.

Kitset installation – No drilling required

Unlike other systems on the market, our WasteCatcher system is supplied for a quick easy kitset installation. - No drilling, glueing or fixing required. Our innovative system is truly unique, proven globally and impresses everytime.

15-minute install, 5-minute maintenance procedures (empty & refix)

Our Kitset install can be fitted in around 15 minutes with minimal tools required. When maintenance and waste empties are required, this can be done in around 5 minutes per waste catcher. Our patented design has been crafted for maximum environmental performance with minimal human resource required for maintenance.

Custom manufactured sizes / shapes available on request

We love a challenge, and have fitted Waste Catchers to almost every type of outlet and inlet you can imagine. If you have an outlet you would like to maintain for pollution, but is in the too hard basket for its location, size or style, then reach out to the Sea Guardian team anyway, you could be surprised how easy we can make it.

Kitsets available from 350mm OD – 1800mm OD

We have a full range of off the shelf kitsets to suit outlets varying in size from 350mm OD right through to 1800mm OD. If your sizes are outside of this range, we manufacture specific requests, simply email your request, size and location and leave the rest to us.

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When paired with SeaGuardian’s Waste Tracker online live data portal, you can monitor and record the rubbish you’re catching in real-time from your desktop or mobile.

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Features + Benefits

Download monthly catch reports

Download direct to mobile or desktop, PDF reports showing the total gross pollutant waste caught for any desired period.

Validate most littering suburbs

Gain insights into the type of waste, the frequency and the volume from each suburb. The data provides real-world insights into the most littering suburbs and the companies responsible for the rubbish.

Track what waste is being caught, then trace back to source

This could show the bulk of your gross pollutants is from fast food chains or supermarket outlets / shopping malls. Get credible, live data to track back to the source and educate so change can be enforced and littering mitigated.

Access data 24/7 from each outlet

24/7 access via your own secure login, login anywhere, anytime.

Direct image / data upload capability for contractors

Direct login for maintenance contractors maintaining the waste trackers, they fill out an online form, upload catchment data and images for fast easy reporting and data capture.

24/7 support + Parts re-order

Our Global team offer 24 / 7 support, parts and replacements via a live chat on the waste tracker portal. Simply click through to the outlet in question and submit a request.

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